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Unpacking the “Open Source AI” Debate

Unpacking the “Open Source AI” Debate

By Walter HeckReading Time 4 minutes In the evolving conversation around artificial intelligence (AI) and open source, the details matter. Recently, discussions at tech conferences like FOSDEM in Brussels and Config...

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GPT touched

GPT touched

By Savs YakutReading Time: 7 minutes Imagine sitting in a luxurious restaurant and savouring the world-renowned Beef Wellington, paired exquisitely with the finest red wines from the lush vineyards of France. To the...

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IT infrastructure and data pt. 1 Monitoring

IT infrastructure and data pt. 1 Monitoring

By Lachezar BogdanovReading Time 7 minutes Introduction IT operations produce a whole lot of data daily… hourly… every second even. Just think about the vast amounts of work a system has to do.A core concept behind...

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The Helixiora Advantage

Fully Remote

Our fully remote model brings together the best talent globally, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.


We prefer open-source solutions, fostering innovation and flexibility for more customizable and scalable outcomes.


We embrace Agile methodology, staying responsive and adaptive to ensure our solutions evolve with your needs.

You Own Your Data

We empower you to own your data, providing tools and knowledge for independent and informed decision-making.

Long Term - Short Term

We focus on building long-term partnerships, offering continuous support and value rather than short-term fixes.

Beyond Technology

Every project includes management consultancy, aligning your organizational processes and people for success.

Streamlined Processes

We streamline your organizational processes to enhance efficiency and drive growth.

Data-Driven Insights

We unlock valuable insights from your data, enabling informed decision-making.

Intelligent Solutions

We develop tailored AI and ML strategies to address your unique challenges and goals.

Let’s Work Together

We empower your organization through streamlining processes to boost efficiency and growth, unlocking valuable insights from your data for informed decisions, and crafting intelligent strategies with tailored AI & ML solutions.