Our Services

Data Fundamentals Support

At Helixiora, we know that a solid technological foundation is key to success. Our Data Fundamentals Support services are designed to help you establish a resilient, scalable, performant, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure. By taking proactive measures, we aim to reduce the chance of outages and minimize business impact when they do occur

Getting Your Data Fundamentals Right

Our services help you get the fundamental data building blocks in shape, reducing the chance of outages and minimizing business impact. With our engineering experts, you get the right expertise without the cost of a full-time specialist.

People, Process, Technology

We take a holistic approach by examining your entire operations, including infrastructure, applications, data, processes, people, teams, and organizational culture. We offer:

  • RPeriodic health checks
  • RArchitecture and design best practices
  • RLifecycle management
  • RTechnical problem analysis and resolution
  • ROperational process optimization

Areas of Expertise

We offer four distinct Data Fundamentals Support services, each aligned with a set of core technologies:


We offer Linux systems management across on-premises environments and AWS EC2, including configuration management and infrastructure-as-code.


Our services include on-premises and cloud deployments of MySQL, ensuring replication and high availability, load balancing, performance tuning, and comprehensive database healthcare and maintenance.


For PostgreSQL, we provide support for on-premises and cloud deployments, covering replication and high availability, load balancing, performance tuning, and database healthcare and maintenance.


We provide architectural and implementation guidance for AWS Aurora and RDS, including setting up landing zones, vending machines, and optimizing role-based access control.

What We Do

Proactive Health Check at Onboarding

All subscriptions include a two-day proactive intake and health check to understand your infrastructure, address immediate issues, and deliver actionable results.

Architecture and Design

Our experts assist with architecture and design reviews to optimize your infrastructure for scalability, security, performance, and reliability.

Technical Problem Analysis and Resolution

We help reduce errors, resolve production outages, and troubleshoot performance problems and software defects.

Lifecycle Management

We provide best practices for lifecycle management to stay current with security patches and avoid technical debt and incompatibility issues.

Business Continuity

We assist with data protection strategies, backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, and related security issues.

Operational Process Optimization

We offer organizational analysis, evaluate team structures, and consult on improving operational efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you find the information you need quickly and easily. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

Why do you offer this service?

Because we know that proactive, preventative measures are better than continuously putting out fires. However, getting back control over your infrastructure requires expensive expertise that you may not have on-staff. We do have those experts, and we make them available to you so you can kickstart your data-driven journey.

What is the web-based customer support portal?

This is our ticketing system where up to five contacts can log in to file support requests

What is the services window?

We’re available on weekdays (Monday – Friday), 9:00 – 17:00 , in your time zone

How quickly will you respond to questions?

We have a Next Business Day response time, but we aim to respond as soon as posslble.

How many support requests can I file?

As many as you like! We do not limit the ticket volume, although a fair-use policy applies.

Do you offer any on-call support service?

No, we do not offer emergency response, 24×7 support or faster response times at this time, but please contact us if you have a need for ad-hoc support.

What does onboarding look like?

All subscriptions include a two-day pro-active health check, performed remotely, to get to know your infrastructure, weed out immediate issues and deliver value from the get-go. This health check delivers actionable results that immediately improves your data infrastructure.

Do you need access to our systems?

No, we do not need access to your systems.

Do you support any technologies not listed here?

We offer best-effort support on adjacent technologies not covered by these services, for instance in cases where an adjacent technology is involved in a troubleshooting request.

Is invoicing monthly, quarterly or yearly?

Billing is done with an up-front annual invoice, with NET14 payment terms, payable before the initial start date of the service.

What contract terms are available?

We offer 1, 2 or 3 year contract terms, with discounts for 2 or 3-year commitments.

Do prices include sales tax / VAT?

No, all prices are ex. VAT. We add 21% BTW to invoices where appropriate.