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Helixiora streamlines your organization, unlocks data potential, and delivers intelligent solutions for growth.


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Businesses struggle to bridge the gap between people, processes, and technology, hindering data utilization and growth.

We create a holistic approach, optimizing processes, harnessing data, and implementing intelligent solutions.

Helix + OratiO


Helping you adopt complex technologies by communicating clearly.


Is the curved line in the DNA molecule, which is formed of two intertwined helices. Just like the intertwine of technology and organisation.


Means eloquent and refers to our ability to communicate effectively about complex, intertwined matters.

About Us

Helixiora exists to create flow and remove impediments in the organisation of people, processes and technology.

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We empower your organization through streamlining processes to boost efficiency and growth, unlocking valuable insights from your data for informed decisions, and crafting intelligent strategies with tailored AI & ML solutions.

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We’re passionate about technology

Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the latest technologies, and the evolving organisational models. We believe that the key to unlocking the value of technology is in creating a more intelligent organisation of people, processes and technology.

Autonomy is growth

We have a collaborative culture of teaching people how to fish – clients and colleagues alike. Each of us works toward personal growth, while respecting others’ diversity of skills and styles.

Speak honestly, act with fairness

We are honest about what we can and cannot do, what is technically possible or morally acceptable. We work on mutual trust, understanding and the belief that all people are equally important.

We are more than our work

We feel the freedom to make work playful. Learning, playing, experimenting and fun are embedded in who we are – we can be our full selves.

Our Founders

Robin Scholten

Chief Executive Officer

Walter Heck

Chief Technology Officer

Colin Charles

VP of Engineering

Joep Piscaer

Chief Strategy Officer

Detelina Vassileva

Chief Operating Officer

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