GPT touched

May 31, 2024

By Savs Yakut
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Imagine sitting in a luxurious restaurant and savouring the world-renowned Beef Wellington, paired exquisitely with the finest red wines from the lush vineyards of France. To the untrained eye, this scene is nothing more than a simple transaction: wealth for indulgence, money for experience. Yet, beneath this veneer of simplicity, a complex ballet of data-driven decisions unfolds, choreographed with precision to cater to the most discerning of palates.

ach ingredient is a data point, every flavour profile analysed. The choice of tonight’s feature dish, the orchestration of seasonal menus, even the selection of the wine list—nothing is left to chance. Past decisions on stock inventory—a crucial balance. Too little leads to shortages, too much to wasteful excess, each scenario incurring significant costs. Labor, too, is forecasted with meticulous care, planned out weeks, even months ahead to ensure the perfect harmony between demand and service. The price on your menu, carefully calibrated, may differ from competitors, strategically designed to penetrate the market with precision. This is not mere cooking—it’s a grand orchestration of resources of data and analytics.
Now, imagine this complexity replicated across multiple locations. Diverse departments, varying suppliers, each element interconnected, forming a network of operational and financial impact. This is the scale at which modern Food and Beverage industry operates: yet this industry is stuck such traditionalist ways to operate their business without using their pools of data but the future is about using that data!

Let’s show you behind the scenes how data-driven decisions could lead to better business outcomes for this industry.

1. Integrated Systems

Imagine you are a business owner using FoodTicket, MICE Operations, Exact and HOREKO

FoodTicket initiates the ballet, capturing the essence of each order. It’s where the journey of an order begins. Horeko, the backbone of employee management, ensures that the right hands craft each dish. It tracks who prepares, who serves, and the choreography of teamwork that brings a meal to life. With MICE Operations, it orchestrates grand events, each detail planned to perfection, ensuring that every large-scale service flows seamlessly, from grand receptions to intimate gatherings. Exact handles the pulse of financial health, capturing the critical flow of revenue and expenses, providing a clear picture of financial outcomes and business sustainability.
Separately, each system offers a slice of insight. Integrated, they transform into a comprehensive ecosystem. This synergy tracks the journey of every ingredient to its final acclaim as a part of a meal, details where and when it is served, by whom, and the revenue each dish contributes to the empire.

This is not just about running restaurants/hotels/cafes/events; it’s about weaving a tapestry of technology and tradition. Here, every element is connected, creating a narrative that stretches from the origin of an ingredient to its culmination at the table—every dish a story, every byte of data a chapter in the saga of culinary and business excellence.

2. Real Time Labour Productivity

In the world of this industry, every moment is captured as a stream of data, unlocking profound insights into labor productivity at each location. Real-time data flows like the lifeblood of operations, ensuring every detail is optimised for peak performance.
Consider Location A, where a sudden drop in labor productivity—a deviation greater than three standard deviations from the norm—triggers an immediate alert. This isn’t just a number; it’s a signal, a call to action. Such anomalies, once detected, prompt an urgent notification to the business owner or manager. This enables them to delve into the situation as it unfolds, not merely relying on historical data but engaging with the present moment to forge a swift resolution.

3. Real Time Tracking Market Penetration

Now it is time for another scenario. Imagine this: each venue, a chessboard, and each competitor, a player. Through the eye of the satellite, every move is observed—the number of events, the scale of gatherings, and the frequency of bookings, all discernible with striking clarity. By analysing these celestial snapshots, a player can quantify market penetration, distinguishing itself from its competitors by measuring the vibrancy and draw of its events. Activity per date becomes a visual narrative of presence and influence in the market.
This isn’t just observation—it’s strategy. Each image, a data point; each gathering, an opportunity to adapt and excel. With this celestial vantage point, a player not only sees what’s happening now but anticipates future trends, positioning itself adeptly within the competitive dance of the HORECA world.
With each satellite pass, we refine our strategy, turning aerial data into a competitive edge. This digital panorama allows us to not just participate in the market but to influence its direction and shape our future within it.

Our journey through data is a masterful symphony of precision and foresight. From tracking labor productivity with real-time alerts to leveraging satellite imagery for strategic market positioning, we harness technology to not only meet but exceed the dynamic demands of the HORECA industry. Every decision, informed by data, enhances our ability to deliver unparalleled experiences that resonate with our patrons long after the last bite. This is the future of dining—refined, informed, and ever-evolving.