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Data Culture Assessment

At Helixiora, we strongly believe in autonomy as a driver for growth. However, identifying areas for improvement in your data-driven journey can be challenging. That’s where we can help. Our Data Culture Assessment provides practical, actionable insights into strategic improvements to help you accelerate your data-driven journey.

People, Process, Technology

Our cost-efficient assessment covers not just technology, but also your organization, teams, and processes. We take a holistic approach by examining:

  • RYour entire data platform and underlying infrastructure
  • RHow teams operate and interact
  • RUser data consumption patterns
  • RTechnology’s impact on resilience, performance, security, scalability, and cost
  • RData flow across the organization, including collection, quality, accessibility, governance, and alignment with strategic goals

Actionable Insights

We identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within your organization’s data practices. The assessment culminates in a detailed, actionable report with:

  • RTechnological and operational improvements to enhance infrastructure resilience, performance, security, scalability, and cost
  • RCultural and organizational improvements to optimize team interactions and data production/consumption, reducing handovers and improving time-to-value
  • RRecommendations for improving data security and governance
  • RAn evaluation of your organization’s current position on our data platform maturity ladder
  • RA prioritized roadmap with recommendations and a plan of action to reach the next step on our ladder

How we work

The Assessment Process

A principal consultant will interview various team members, including product owners, managers, data tech leads, engineers, scientists, and platform/cloud engineers. We aim to understand how your organization uses data and how teams interact by examining:

  • RTechnology landscape and data platform architecture
  • ROperational processes and data source integrations
  • RData pipelines and processing across producers and consumers
  • RSecurity and governance practices


Post-interviews, we compile a clear, concise report summarizing our key findings and areas for improvement. This report will equip you with the information to make improvements independently, or we can assist with the implementation.


We aim to conduct all interviews in a single day and deliver the report within 2-5 business days, providing a swift, low-cost, high-value engagement that offers an external perspective on your data practices.

Assessment Coverage

Data Modelling and Quality

  • RMaster data modelling techniques
  • RDatabase schemas
  • RData lineage
  • RMetadata management

Data Governance and Security

  • RData standards and governance
  • RIdentity and access management
  • RAudit logging
  • RData privacy and ethics

Data Culture

  • RData ownership
  • RDocumentation, programmatic accessibility, and associated SLAs
  • RMaster data management, sharing, and re-use

Data Platform

  • RArchitecture
  • RCloud and Infrastructure
  • RDatabase engine and storage
  • RData source integrations
  • RData pipelines
  • RData processing (ELT/ETL) pipelines and automation
  • RDeveloper experience across development, test, staging, and production

Data Skills

  • RDistribution of skills across teams
  • RIdentification of missing skills
  • RTraining and data literacy

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